Bloomfield Asset Management is an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm. There are 3 important distinctions that separate us from your typical financial advisor firm.


We don’t answer to a big brokerage firm, a bank or any other corporate parent. As a result, we face zero pressure to push products and solutions that might not be the best for your situation. Our success is measured by your ability to achieve your goals. We don’t have to worry about achieving our parent company’s goals—only yours.


In our view, there is no better way for an advisor to ensure unbiased advice than using a fee-only business structure. Clients pay us fees, and in return, they receive unbiased advice on all aspects of their financial lives. That’s very different from most advisors, who are paid in the form of sales commissions—or even fee-sharing—from product manufacturers.


A registered Investment Advisor is the only type of securities license that includes the legal requirement to act as fiduciaries. That means we must, by law put our clients’ best interests ahead of all other considerations, including our compensation. By comparison, most “advisors” are licensed as brokers, who are held to a much less stringent standard of client care.


The typical financial advisor focuses primarily on a client’s investments. While there may be a financial plan, in many instances; it is conceptual and vague at best.

Bloomfield Asset Management’s mission is to provide comprehensive financial advice for our clients and to help them achieve their long term goals. As a fee-only investment firm, we’re able to do just that. We help ensure that you:

  • Have managed overall risk to the greatest extent possible.
  • That you’re on track to reach long-term goals.
  • That your estate plans are in place.


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