Comprehensive Financial Planning

Bloomfield Asset Management works to help our clients build their wealth and achieve their financial goals, by creating customized, detailed financial plans for each individual or family we serve.

Our comprehensive plans pinpoint the goals that are most important to you. They provide a roadmap to those goals. And they help build confidence and certainty as you make life’s major financial decisions. Our plans address critical areas including:

  • Cashflow analysis: Analyzing how much money you will need to fund your future goals.
  • Education funding: Finding the most cost-effective means to ensure funding for college.
  • Retirement funding: Helping to ensure that you live a secure and fulfilling retirement, on your terms.
  • Tax management: Minimizing taxes on investments and on asset transfer can have a significant impact on your family’s wealth.
  • Estate/philanthropic planning: Estate planning helps ensure that your wealth is passed smoothly and with the least tax impact, to the people and organizations you care about.

Bloomfield Asset Management’s investment strategies are customized based directly on the goals and other information specified in your financial plan. And we are pleased to provide a complimentary review of your current financial plan as well as your investment strategy and investment portfolio.


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